Partnership Applications [APPLY HERE]

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Partnership Applications [APPLY HERE]


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Oct 4, 2020
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Partnership is the ultimate form of collaboration between EternalRage and you, the content creator. Partnership allows us to reward you for your efforts to help Eternal grow, and be shown to your audience, while also working to promote the server to a potential larger audience. Partnership has the potential to allow you to earn revenue share from Eternal, monetising the time you are creating content for the server.
We review partnership applications on a case by case basis for the requirements laid out, and also for the activity of the content itself. There is no hard requirement for content views, but we do take this into account. If you happen to be declined during the application process, please wait at least 30 days before reapplying for partnership - and don't take it to heart, it's nothing personal!
Partnership Requirements (Streaming)
• Stream EternalRage at least 3 days a week
• Stream EternalRage for a total of at least 9 hours a week
• Have some way for the viewers to find EternalRage from the stream - this could be a bot command like !server or an info panel like the one below (feel free to create your own to fit your branding!)
Partnership Requirements (Video Creation)
• Release 1 EternalRage Video per week
• Have some way for the viewers to find EternalRage from the video - this could be a short interlude advertisement in the video, or in the video description
Partnership Benefits
• Access to the EternalRage partners Discord Channel
• A unique @Partner role in the EternalRage Discord, with the
• A unique "Partner" rank on the EternalRage forums
• Every month you can use !partner in partners to get a code for the following:
‣ 1,000 EternalCredits to use in /store in game
‣ 1 Month of VIP
‣ A unique promotional code for 5% off in the EternalRage Store (you could put this in the Info Panel, command response, or video description along with a link to if you like!)
‣ Potential revenue share from orders which use your promotional code for the top partners!
How do I apply?
You do not have to be an EternalRage @Content Creator to apply for the partnership program!

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