Guidelines Official Legal Group Application

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Guidelines Official Legal Group Application

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Oct 26, 2020
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What does it mean to be “Official”?

Written by JKJPRO
To have an “Official” status within the EternalRage roleplay community is to show that the selected company/group has been monitored and selected by the Eternal staff to be a represented legal group within the community and receive support from the server. All groups and companies are able to submit an application to become official, however this doesn't mean that you will be automatically selected.

Official companies/groups will be those who are able to promote positive roleplay when interacting with, or serving other players within the server. They must display exceptional role play within the community and provide experiences that progress the servers lore forward, as well as offer fun, engaging interactions to all players Regardless of whether they stem from the illegal or legal side of roleplay. By gaining the official status this means that each group may receive small perks, such as:

  • The ability to pick a location for a HQ & have it customized based on server compatibility.
  • A small skill which can benefit the company or group based off their storyline and characteristics. (Upon receiving official status, this would be something to discuss with staff)
  • The 'potential' for custom clothing based on server compatibility.

More perks can and will be added in the future, once we have updated the content to support them.

How do I become “Official”?
A good start to any company or group is to begin with a forum thread; and whilst we cannot dictate what goes into your thread, putting time and effort into it goes a long way. This is one of the factors we look for when choosing official groups, however it is crucial that you provide good roleplay and are able to respect other members of the community as well. Failure to show respect to community members OOC'ly & continuous punishments will result in your official status being removed. Be aware that official groups, legal or illegal, will be monitored and moderated as if they are a faction. As such, we expect the same standard of role play, and adherence to the servers rules.

Where can I apply?
You can apply for official status by completing an application, which can be found HERE

Good Luck!
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