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Server Rules EternalRage Server Rules


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Oct 4, 2020
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EternalRage Server Rules


Staff can punish players for offences that have not been listed within the rules. Every roleplay situation cannot be accounted for and written. Players are expected to understand the intention of the rules and are expected to adhere to them. This disclaimer allows staff to punish players abusing loopholes as well as failing to roleplay to a good standard. Players may also be punished for attempting to aid in any rule breaches or exploits.

All players are expected to display common courtesy to each other. You may not like someone but you are expected to be respectful at all times. Any form of OOC discrimination, abuse or harassment is not allowed and can result in a community ban should the situation be severe enough.

EternalRage is a voice roleplay server which means that staff will enforce players to remain in character at all times when playing on the server. Any conversations that occur OOC should take place in /b

You cannot refuse to roleplay a situation simply because you do not agree with it. If a rule is broken or if you feel a rule has been broken, you are expected to continue the roleplay scenario and open a dispute after. If the dispute cannot be resolved between parties, they should then report it.

Should you decide to stream on EternalRage, you accept liability for all scenarios on the server. EternalRage cannot be held responsible if you receive punishment from a third party as a result of an in-game scenario.

Server Rules

In-Game Recording
  1. It is suggested that every player within the server uses some kind of game capture software to capture gameplay (which MUST include sound). Players that fail to provide footage on multiple occasions when asked by a member of staff will be punished accordingly, this will be based on a case by case basis.
  1. Players must be able to communicate in English and OOC chat must be English only.
  2. Racist or disrespectful slurs will not be tolerated within the server, discord and forums.

In-Game Microphone Usage
  1. Community members that wish to use VOIP are required to have an audible microphone. Interference, echoing. muffling, background noise or using unrealistic voice changers is strictly prohibited.
  2. Playing music or some other form of audio with roleplay is permitted (car radio, playing a guitar or instrument, event speakers)
  3. Creating undesirable sounds which include but not limited to - Farting, Belching, Screeching or Screaming is punishable unless the individual is creating these sounds to add to the roleplay environment.

Hacking, Exploits & Bug Abuse

  1. Using any form of modifications, software or automation that gives players an advantage over others is strictly prohibited.
    • Visual modifications that do not give players an advantage over others are allowed. Other forms of modifications are not (vehicle modifications, weapon modifications, sky modifications or any mod which increases visibility.)
  2. Using any form of software, macros or scripts to automate tasks
Exploits & Bug Abuse
  1. You are required to report any bugs or system flaws as soon as you find them. Tampering with, exploiting or using a bug to gain an advantage will result in a ban and/or character wipe.
  2. Server scripts must not be exploited, e.g.
    • Bypassing the AFK timer

Rule Breaches & Disrupting Server Operations
Rule Breaches
  1. Players must report cases of ban evasion, falsified forum reports, discussions of cyber attacks or other rule breaches. Failing to do so with knowledge of the event taking place will result in a permanent ban from the server and discord.
  2. Players may not intimidate or OOC'ly harass other members of the community continuously.
  3. Releasing the questions or answers to the entry quiz.
  4. Purposely using or manipulating rules with intent to utilize them to have an impact on roleplay standards.
Disrupting Server Operations
  1. Players that are found to be associated with hackers or exploiters and fail to report it, will be punished accordingly to the severity of the situation.
  2. Leaking personal information of players is strictly not allowed and will result in severe punishments, including possible permanent removal from the EternalRage community.
  3. Players must remain respectful at all times.
  4. Threatening to DDOS or DOX another member of the community.

Respect towards Staff
  1. Do not disobey any member of staff.
  2. Under no circumstance may you be disrespectful to a staff member of EternalRage Roleplay. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Insults
    • Being generally disrespectful
    • Doxing
    • Posting Inappropriate Images / Gifs which are aimed at Staff
  3. You may not PM staff members regarding in-game issues which include, but are not limited to:
    • Ban Appeals
    • Punishments
    • In-Game Issues
    • Refunds
    • Player complaints
    • Staff Complaints

Respect towards Members
  1. Under no circumstance may you be disrespectful to a member of the community within EternalRage Roleplay. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Insults
    • Being generally disrespectful
    • Doxing
    • Posting Inappropriate Images / Gifs which are aimed at community members
    • Insulting players in /B or /N chat
  2. Racist or disrespectful slurs will not be tolerated within the server, discord and forums.

Account Ownership

Account Ownership
  1. Accounts may not be shared or traded between users.
  2. Players are held responsible for keeping their user information safe. Linked information such as Social Club, Hardware and IP addresses between banned users will result in the same punishment and will not be removed.

Character Creation and Assets

Character Creation
  1. Character names must be realistic, resemble real-world.
    • Using the same name as prolific celebrities or fictional characters is not allowed (e.g. Naruto Uzumaki, Huey Freeman, Edna Mode)
    • Names that form a 'phrase' or are vulgar are not allowed (e.g. Mike Hunt, Moe Lester, Mia Mersion)
Assets & Trading
  1. The act of exchanging accounts, services or other tangible benefits for the trade of anything OOC is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Real-World Currency
    • Real-World Services
  2. IC content must be paid with in-game money (Banners, leaflets, discord bots, graphics). If you are unsure, double-check with a member of staff.
  3. The act of exchanging in-game currency or items to other players without an IC motive is strictly prohibited, this is classed as Real World Trading (RWT).
  4. You must not have two of your own characters in the same group.
  5. You may not transfer assets between different characters (Items, bags, money, weapons etc.) All asset transfers must be requested through an admin request and it will be discussed on a case by case basis.
Refund Requests
  1. You may only submit a refund request if the assets lost were worth $700 or more.
    • Please make a refund request within the player support section on the forums (any paycheck refunds should be opened in a discord ticket).

  1. Players are required to remain in character at all times.
    • You may not ask OOC questions or talk about the server in VOIP or IC text chat.
    • If you require help ask in /N chat, /B chat or submit a support ticket.
  2. If an active roleplay scenario is taking place, /B should be kept to a minimum and not be used to argue, insult or stall roleplay.
  3. When roleplaying you may not refer to the chat box or server rules. You may NOT make comments like:
    • Mention RP terms which are used on other servers.
  4. Gross roleplay (Sexual, torture etc.) is only allowed if all parties involved have agreed in OOC chat prior to it beginning as well as players confirming they are 18+. Witnesses must be accounted for their age as well.
    • Anyone below the age of 18 cannot consent to any sexual roleplay.
    • Anyone below the age of 18 cannot consent to watch any sexual roleplay.
    • If any players witness sexual roleplay with a minor, they are required to report it on the forums as failure to do so makes them liable to receive the same punishment.
  5. Reporting individuals does NOT pause roleplay.
  6. Using clothing items or using the incorrect torso that makes you or parts of your body invisible is prohibited. (Use /torso to fix)
  7. If you enter a roleplay scenario and are using text or speech, you must continue using your choice of communication throughout the rest of the scenario. You may not mix text or speech in the same scenario unless you have a valid OOC reason to do so.
  8. You may not use a scripted job vehicle for anything other than its purpose without a valid roleplay reason. (Delivery job, Bus driver, money transporter etc.)
    • To go and collect your paycheck
    • To get to a gang fight
    • Using them as general transport (Picking up other players)


Powergaming is playing unjust through not allowing players to decide their own roleplay responses or performing unrealistic actions.
  1. Deliberately attempting to delay an RP scenario, either by delayed text chat or not responding. If a player does not respond to RP within 30 seconds, forceful commands may be used after RP.
  2. /Do actions must be realistic and factual.
  3. Players must capture evidence including the EPOCH time when performing RP that may have an impact on future interactions. Evidence is only valid for 24 hours or until an IC death occurs.
  4. You may not force scripted actions onto other players without any roleplay. This excludes the use of /CPR.
    • /CPR is an OOC form of stabilisation and does not determine the outcome of a roleplay situation, but instead promotes for roleplay to be continued so that if deemed necessary, death rp may be granted.


Non-RP is Performing actions that are unrealistic or display a poor quality of roleplay.
Bodycams / Dashcams
  1. Players are able to destroy bodycams which are on faction members (Footage will not be automatically uploaded to a 'cloud').
  2. Players will NOT be able to destroy vehicle dashcams.
  1. Failing to respond to roleplay commands within a reasonable time.
  2. Taking another players life should be the last resort in an RP scenario.
  3. When responding to /Me’s and /Do’s it’s expected that players put effort into their roleplay and avoid responding with short questions / answers. If it’s noticed that a player is repeatedly displaying poor RP, it may result in a punishment. Examples: /do able?, /do s?, /do rubs head
  4. Failing to respond to roleplay injuries adequately. (/me rubs (body part) is not an acceptable response). Factions must adhere by these rules and give players appropriate time to roleplay before forcing them into a roleplay scenario. E.g.
    • Getting into a vehicular crash where you would expect life-threatening injuries (e.g. rollovers) and acting as if nothing happened.
    • Jumping off a 3 story building and running off
  5. You may NOT mercy kill individuals per their request. E.g.
    • Asking to be killed by another player to avoid the downed timer or to avoid further roleplay
Combat Logging / Disconnecting
  1. Players who disconnect during roleplay must attempt at reconnecting and informing the other party involved by using the 'Code-0' Discord Channel.
  2. Failure to log in within 10 minutes without any communication will result in a combat logging punishment. All disconnections during roleplay require a valid reason. E.g.
    • If the other parties involved continue to RP a scenario whilst you are dealing with a crash please either raise a dispute or submit a support ticket in-game
    • If you feel the dispute/ticket did not resolve the issue, then you may make a player complaint on the forums.
  3. Before starting a roleplay scenario you must ensure you have enough time to play until the end.
  4. Players who manage to escape a chase must wait 10 minutes before logging out to allow the other party time to seek the individual.
  5. When a players game crashes or the player is kicked from the server they should be allowed to have the same advantage prior to leaving.

Vehicles / Helicopters
  1. Using any form of vehicle for non-roleplay reason or behaviour.
  2. Reckless operation of vehicles or motorbikes in a manner that endangers your life or those around you without a valid roleplay reason. This includes using an expensive sports vehicle to ram into other vehicles. Vehicles that are built to withstand hits from others such as Caracara, Contender, Kamacho etc. are exempt.
  3. Performing unrealistic manoeuvres in vehicles or motorbikes that shouldn't be able to perform them E.g.
    • Driving inappropriate vehicles up an excessively steep hill
    • Unrealistically beaching a water vehicle
  4. Players cannot ram Motorcycles
  5. You cannot give demands whilst in a moving vehicle. Exception can be made for LSPD if they're using the Megaphone to give demands.
  6. When flying, do not commit anything that could be considered non-rp.
    • Flying low in a populated area​
    • Doing stunts in a populated area​
    • Flying too close to another player​
    • Crashing into buildings​
  7. Planes/Helicopters cannot be used in any sort of illegal activities. This includes 'fly-bys', running drugs, evading cops etc.
  8. When driving a vehicle you may not purposely ram, pit or bump another players vehicle unless it makes RP sense, for example:
    • You may not attempt to ram, pit or bump another players vehicle unless your vehicle has a ramming bar

Fear Roleplay

Fear-RP is showing value for your life during an RP scenario to maintain your characters safety.
  1. When your characters life is in direct danger you must show fear & comply with the demands of the attacker(s).
    • If an attacker lowers their weapon to type, victims must remain under Fear-RP.
  2. Players may not use their phone / radio if they are in direct danger.
    • Examples of when your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger:
      • When a weapon is aimed at you in close range while on foot or bike.
      • When you are in a vehicle and the engine is OFF and a weapon is aimed at you at close range
    • Examples of when your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger:
      • When you have a weapon drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked you.
      • When the attacker does not have a clear shot on you due to an object obstructing his view OR they turn their back on you.
      • When you are in a car and the engine is ON and a firearm is not being held at you in close range.
  3. You may not loot a players body during a shootout or while a crime is taking place. You must wait until it is RP'ly safe to do so. An example of this may include:
    1. If a player is taking cover and needs to reload or take a med kit, they may loot another players body.
  4. Players may not rush individuals that already have their weapons drawn and aimed.

Deathmatching is the act of attempting to or successfully harming another player without reason.
  1. Previous interactions should include some form of escalation E.g.
    • Examples of acceptable interactions:
      • You were previously held up in a robbery
      • They are attempting to hurt you, an ally or damage your property
      • You witness another gang make a report to PD about you / your group
      • They are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, call backup or press an emergency button
    • Examples of poor interactions:
      • A gang insulted you / your members at the bank or a car meet
  2. Players must allow their victims an adequate amount of time to comply with demands, this does not mean counting down from 10.
  3. When a shootout occurs, arriving gang members and allied gangs automatically have KOS on an enemy gang/faction members involved and are able to shoot the moment they have successfully identified the players . Successful identification is considered to be:
    • Similar clothing patterns/styles (e.g. bandanas, colours, specific items)
    • Similar car colours and liveries
    • Showing hostile intent (getting out the car in the middle of a shootout)
    • Has a form of weaponry visible on their back, hip or their hands.
  4. The rule above also applies to LSPD. When a shootout occurs between gangs and LSPD, arriving gang members and arriving PD officers automatically have KOS on the opposing players.
    • If LSPD arrive at a roleplay scenario where multiple gangs are involved in a shootout, they will also be granted permission to KOS upon arrival

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
  1. Vehicles may not be used as a weapon in an active roleplay scenario to cause harm to players on foot. The only acception to this being:
    • You are sat in your vehicle idle with your engine ON and a player begins aiming a weapon at you INFRONT of your vehicle.
  2. Mass VDM will result in a permanent ban from the server & discord.


Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information to another player OOC with the knowledge that sharing this information could impact the decisions/actions taken in future roleplay scenarios.
  1. Relaying IC information to another player OOC with the knowledge that sharing this information could impact the decisions/actions taken in the future roleplay scenarios.
  2. Players may not mix IC information between alternate characters.
  3. OOC Videos or Screenshots may only be used IC if the footage shows your character using a command to turn on the camera/recorder.
    • Example: /Do There would be a bodycam attached to Ednas shirt, /Me Turns on bodycam
    • Please note, that if you wish to roleplay using a bodycam it has to be realistic. For example, if your player is wearing something which would not RP'ly make sense to hold or have a bodycam attached, you may not roleplay using a bodycam.
  4. Players may not mix IC and OOC Information
    • This includes sitting in discord channels whilst on the server unless you can provide adequate proof that you were deafened.
  5. If you intend to make a group discord, you may not make OOC voice/text channels unless they are used for OOC meetings / OOC general chat. Please note, that staff must have access to these channels at all times.
    • You may not create discord channels that hold IC information.

New Life Rule
  1. NLR is triggered when a players character spawns at the hospital and the player is given the [NLR] tag.
  2. During NLR you may not return to the same location for 15 minutes or attempt to retrieve your lost possessions.
  3. After death, the character loses memory of their death, as well as the events that caused it and all information gained leading up to it.
    • You cannot be told about your death by another player
  4. All parties involved in the death must not interact with each other for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  5. If you are part of an Official Faction and you died, you may NOT return to the same scenario. E.g.
    1. Hearing gunshots
    2. Seeing the same call on the MDC
    3. Hearing radio traffic regarding the situation in which their character died
  6. Faction members may only return to the same area if it is a brand new call being made on the MDC, if its regarding a NEW situation.

Immersion Sensitive Areas
  • City Bank
  • Paleto Bank
  • LSPD
  • MD
  • DOC
  • Licensing Agency
  • Scripted Job Areas
  • Drug Dealer Locations
  • Parking lots
  1. If involved in a chase / shoot out , you must wait 10 minutes before entering an ISA
  2. If you are within viewable distance of an ISA, this does not grant players the ability to commit crimes.
  3. You may NOT conceal your identity in an ISA
    • The only time you may wear a mask in these areas is if you are following the rules around ISA’s.
  4. Crimes in ISA's require heavy planning, attention to detail and a clear end goal. The majority of crimes require extensive roleplay and preparation that's dependant on the scenario. Players must be wearing a form of concealment, getaway vehicles are planned, officers are bribed etc. Failing to perform adequate setup roleplay or committing poor quality RP within an ISA will result in a NON-RP punishment. Please note, members taking part in the crime must collect adequate proof of previous roleplay and setup.
  5. You may not camp a drug dealer just because you are a gang. This would not be realistic as drug dealers often have protection and gangs do not control them.
    • Some examples of crimes that are allowed in these areas are:
      • Your gang leader has been imprisoned for a long sentence inside the prison. You and a reasonable amount of gang members decide to storm the prison, creating a clear exit route.
      • You're sitting outside of LSPD and receive a phone call informing you that a gang fight has started at a drug lab involving your gang. You then spot a gang member from the opposing gang sitting outside of LSPD as well, and successfully stall the vehicle just as it was about to take off to head towards the lab. The opposing gang member gets riled and begins a fight with you on the same block as the LSPD building.
    • Some examples of crimes that are NOT allowed in these areas are:
      • Entering the Police Department with a pistol, demanding a million dollars or you’ll shoot the nearest civilian.
      • Attempting to free an ally from being taken to DOC with only a small handful of individuals. The prison would be heavily guarded by many armed correctional officers.
      • You may NOT initiate a crime in an ISA if there was no RP prior to the event

Theft, Prison Breakouts, Kidnapping and Scamming

  1. Demands MUST be given before engaging in any kind of crime. If demands have been given and a player chooses to ignore them whilst their life is in danger, you may proceed with RP.
  2. Robberies may only be committed if prior escalation has taken place or a player is performing illegal activities.
  3. Robbing other players:
    • Day - May only be conducted in secluded areas
    • Night - Can be conducted anywhere which is not an ISA (7pm - 7am)
    • Cannot rob players outside general/clothing/barbers/hairdressers
  4. Players cannot force their victims to:
    • Withdraw cash from an ATM.
    • Hand over ownership or copies of keys to a property or vehicle.
    • Hand over assets that are not present in the immediate area.
  5. Players cannot steal / rob / commit a crime from players with the [NEW] tag unless it's in retaliation or unless they are doing illegal activities.
  6. Players may not steal faction vehicles after a server restart or a suspected player crash.
  7. Players must get permission from Mod+ to store other players vehicles inside garages (if granted, can only hold for 3 days), must have a valid reason.
Group Roleplay Standards
  1. If during a gang shootout or roleplay scenario where gang members sustain serious medical injuries, you may NOT return to the scene until it is over. This rule also applies to legal factions.
  2. Gangs may not group up to roam the map or call for unnecessary back-up, this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  3. In situations when back-up is required you may only request ONE additional gang to assist you. Unaffiliated members may not assist.
  4. Cop baiting is considered to be Non-RP and will not be accepted, unless there is an appropriate roleplay reason behind doing so .
    • For example, you may not get into a minor situation with PD and then lure them into an area with gang members waiting to KOS. This includes but is NOT limited to:
    • Being pulled over or taking part in a traffic stop.
    • Being involved in a chase over a minor situation.
  5. If you are NOT in a group, you may not help contribute to group funds, or properties being purchased.
Prison Breakouts
  1. There has to be a minimum of 3 DOC guards online.
  2. Prison breakouts require approval by an Senior Moderator+ prior to it happening, you can request a breakout by using the 'support ticket' menu in-game.
  3. Prison escorts can be attacked and have the prisoner being transported freed, however the moment the escort vehicle is behind the prison gates everyone on the attacking side must disperse and consider the scenario lost.
Please note, it is not guaranteed that a break out will be granted.

  1. Players can kidnap or take other players hostage if reason exists. For example:
    • Attempting to rob a property allows you to hold individuals or members of a rival gang inside as hostages until the robbery is finished.
    • A rival gang attempted to kidnap one of your gang members, and in return, you retaliate. (As long as the NLR rule has not been breached).
  2. Players are not required to give consent to be kidnapped, however, if a party reports they need to leave soon you must attempt at hastily speeding up the process. If the individual requesting the roleplay to finish does not proceed to log off the server following the scenario's conclusion, they will be issued a power gaming punishment.

  1. You may not scam [NEW] players
  2. You may only scam a player for a maximum of $5,000
    • You may NOT scam properties / businesses from other players
  3. If a contract has been IC'ly provided and signed by both players, it must be honoured.
    • If a player does not honour a contract the assets will be removed and given back to seller and the player which broke the contract will be punished.
    • If a contract has been broken please file an administrative request on the forums.

Dispute System
Raising a dispute
  1. Before reporting another player on the forums we recommend raising an in-game dispute with the player. This is where you contact the player OOC'ly and try to resolve the issue.
    • You can raise a dispute in-game by using /dispute <ID>.
    • If the other player refuses to help resolve the issue you may then create a player complaint.
  2. Once a dispute is closed it is considered resolved. If you are unhappy with the resolution, open a forum complaint against the individual. You may NOT make a new dispute with them.
  3. Harassing / Name-calling individuals over the dispute system is not acceptable. Be respectful.
  4. Opening a dispute for no reason will result in a cooldown from the dispute system.

Factions & Faction Corruption
Under no circumstance may you join a faction or submit a corruption form just to benefit from:
  • Money Farming
  • Exploiting Scripts
  • Abuse the locker system (Having access to certain weapons)
If you wish to be 'lightly' corrupt within your faction, this does NOT require an application. However if you wish to be 'majorly' corrupt, you must fill out an application and wait until it has been processed by a member of staff. If you are caught roleplaying with major corruption and have not been granted permission to do so, you will be removed from the faction.
Light Corruption
  1. Light corruption within a Faction is when a member performs actions which would not have an impact on the tasks taken by the Faction on a daily basis. Some examples of what is considered to be 'Light Corruption' are listed below.
  2. Leaking information from a department which is classed as 'insensitive'. For example, You inform a criminal that they have outstanding warrants for their arrest.
  3. Shoving Criminals around.
  4. Turning a blind eye to misdemeanours.
  5. Having knowledge of any of the above and not reporting it.
Major Corruption
  1. Major corruption however would be more serious and players would need to submit an application form which will be reviewed by the OOC Faction Leads, this would also be regulated. Major corruption within a Faction should only be for character development and not to farm money. Some examples of what is considered to be 'Major Corruption' are listed below.
  2. Denying / turning a blind eye to criminals / civs who require medical attention.
  3. Assisting in smuggling items into prison or ignoring items on criminals during a search process.
  4. Assisting in purchasing and re-selling firearms to criminals / civs that do not hold a Gun License.
  5. Stealing / Misplacing evidence.
  6. Committing / Turning a blind eye to felony(s).

If you are unsure about anything, please reach out to an administrator or above to help resolve your query.
Players that are in a Faction and are either High Command or a member of the Staff Team, will not be allowed to apply for corruption.
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