Guidelines A Players Guide To Roleplay

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Guidelines A Players Guide To Roleplay


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Oct 4, 2020
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Welcome to EternalRage Roleplay! We have created this guide to help new and existing players understand what roleplay is and how they can promote good roleplay standards within the server. Please take some time to read through this step by step guide as there are a lot of useful things which will help you.

A list of server commands can be found in the link below. These will help you when playing in-game!

What is GTA Roleplay?

GTA Roleplay is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V which allows players to play in a realistic world
where they can create their own characters, complete with whatever personalities, quirks and backstories they come up with.

With these characters they can then interact with other players and inevitably end up creating storylines. Whether it be short stories or long stories, humorous and light hearted roleplay or serious and in-depth roleplay, the possibilities here at EternalRage are endless. Unlike other video games there is no 'end goal' to roleplay and good roleplayers will create their own situations with surprise and unpredictability to peruse character growth and build their storyline. Whilst we encourage players to be creative, roleplaying as superhero's or any other fictional character is not allowed on the server and can be found in our
Server Rules.

Before entering the world of EternalRage RP we advise all players to think about what kind of character they wish to play. When thinking about your character you should take into consideration their name, history, family, age, race, ethnic group, personality traits and even their voice. Rules around character creation can be found in the server rules.

What should I consider when creating my character?

When creating a name for your character, you should choose something as realistic as possible. Character names that form a vulgar phrase or impersonate a celebrity are not tolerated within the server and you will be forced to change your name. If you do wish to change your character name, you can do so by using eternal credits in our in-game store.

The way your character looks. This part of your characters profile is generally easy and fun and if you're having any issues you could always try and do a little research. Whilst your characters physical appearance is important it's also a good idea to consider how they speak and what kind of body language they will use. Verbalization may help other players imagine your characters voice, while body language may help emphasize personality.

Another way of promoting good roleplay would be to create a backstory for your character and then progress that story throughout your roleplay. When first creating your character you could start with explaining your characters previous life, if they have always lived in Los Santos or if they moved from another country. Do they have any family? What happened to their family? What caused them to move to Los Santos? What has led to them ending up where they have on their life path?

This is the way that your character will interact with others. Their thought process and how those thought processes affect their interactions. Defining your characters personality is arguably the most important and most difficult part of creating a character, as you have to create something that is not only believable but playable.

Why should I Value my life?

Valuing for your life means that all characters should act appropriately when their life is in direct danger, similar to how you would react in real life. This means that if your attacker has a gun pointed at you, you cannot simply rush your attackers with melee attacks, nor try to pull a weapon when a gun is still being aimed at you. This also means that you should comply with appropriate demands.

You are walking along an empty street at night and some criminals suddenly come out of no where with weapons in order to kidnap you for a hostage situation, your character should 'value their life' and raise their hands and comply with the attackers demands.

What mechanics will I be able to use in the world of EternalRage?

Every character within the server has a health bar to maintain.

Food & Water:
Every character has a hunger and thirst bar which they will have to maintain and encourages players to seek out stores or interact with other players.

Each character will have their own bank account and finances to handle. Every character passively receives a small amount of money every hour to help them focus more on roleplay and social interactions. Players can earn and lose money in various ways around the server. Most of the time a player will use their money to purchase properties, vehicles or businesses but they are also free to trade or gamble with others.

Jobs & Roles:
Within the server we currently have 3 official factions, Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Emergency Services and Department of Corrections. These factions are limited in capacity due to the nature of their work and maintaining a server balance. These official jobs allow players to generate income by performing tasks such as providing medical attention to injured players, handing out tickets, arresting citizens that have broken the law and interacting with prisoners. However, whilst factions are one way to make money, most players usually improvise and find creative activities to do regardless of whether or not it involves direct mechanics from the game.

Items, vehicles and properties:
There is vast amount of things for players to spend money on. Items vast in variety ranging from food to weapons. Vehicles are able to be purchased from player owned dealerships or used car lots. Housing properties and businesses can also be bought - They tend to be fairly expensive and each property has a unique owner / group.

What are /Me's and /Do's and how do I use them?

/me is a command which is used to display a descriptive action that your character is doing.

You should use /me's when you wish to display an action to other players around you which you might not be able to show through scripts. Using /me commands also allows you to create a more immersive roleplay experience for not only your character but others.

You're roleplaying as a medic when you suddenly get a 911 call that some civilians were involved in a terrible accident down as the pier and require some medical attention . Scriptly, you would be able to use /CPR <ID> to stabilize the patient, however in order to promote a good roleplay standard you would then use /me's to be a little more descriptive.

  • /me opens the BLS kit and then grabs some ointment with her left hand. She quickly unscrews the cap and applies a small amount of ointment to the wound and begins to gently apply it.

/do is a command used to prove a factual statement within your roleplay.

Similar to /me commands, this is a command which is used to show a factual piece of roleplay.

Upon arriving on scene to a 911 call a player may decide to use a /do command to give a detailed description of the scene / injury that has occurred.

  • /do the car would be flipped on its side with both passengers passed out after sustaining visible traumas to the head

What are short worded /me's and /do's?

Short worded /me's and /do's are something we do not wish to see being used within the server and will result in a warning for poor roleplay. Not only are you promoting poor roleplay for your character when doing this, but it also affects other players roleplay and they may avoid interacting with you in the future.


  • /me frisks
  • /me pats down
  • /do able?

Roleplay Terms

IC is an abbreviation for 'In-Character'. When you are in-game and using text chat or voice chat, you should be roleplaying your characters personality and emotions. If you are using text chat for your character, make sure to not use any abbreviations or emojis / icons as it should be treated how you would normally speak in voice chat. When In-Character, players should not discuss any 'Out-Of-Character' (OOC) information through text chat, voice chat, /me's or /do's.

OOC is an abbreviation for 'Out-Of-Character'. OOC communication should be avoided where possible when playing as it can cause the RP to become un-immersive and can cause disruption to many players around you. However, there might be some occasions where you may need to communicate with a player in-game. Times when it's acceptable to message a player in-game could be if you are requesting consent to Gross-RP, need to go AFK due to a situation OOC, speaking with a member of staff or informing a player that they are breaking a server rule with the roleplay that they are providing. To communicate OOC with a player in-game you can either use /b (OOC text chat) or /pm (This will send a direct message to the player).

New Life Rule (NLR):
The New Life Rule means that when a player has faced death in the result of an RP scenario, they must not return to the place where they died previously or interact with their dead body. The NLR rule is triggered whenever a players character spawns at a hospital. The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in that time frame.

Deathmatching is the act of attempting to or successfully harming another player without reason. There are 3 different types of deathmatching:

'Kill-On-Sight' (KOS) is a term that's used when killing a player without any roleplay or with no justifiable reason. To get a good understanding of when you are able to KOS please read our deathmatching rule under the EternalRage server rules.
Vehicle Deathmatch:
Vehicle deathmatching is when a vehicle is used as a weapon to harm another player on foot. An example of this would be, you are involved in a roleplay scenario where a gang member is aiming a gun at your friend, you then proceed to run the player down with your vehicle in an attempt to scriptly kill them.
Mercy Killing:
Mercy-Killing is a term that is used when a player fights or kills another player who is injured in order to expedite their death process. An example of this would be, you and your friends are involved in a fight and one of them gets injured and is about to get arrested by LSPD. In order to speed up their death process to prevent them from getting caught you then decide to finish them off. Mercy killing is a serious offence and can result in a serious punishment.
Powergaming is playing unjust through not allowing players to decide their own roleplay responses or performing unrealistic actions. An example of this could be, you have a DOC officer that handcuffs a prisoner OOC'ly and locks them in a cell for the remainder of their sentence or a player is forcing their death after sustaining minor injuries.

Non-Roleplay is performing actions that are unrealistic or display a poor quality of roleplay. This rule is to stop players from performing actions that would not make sense in a real life situation. Roleplay must be as realistic as possible. Examples of what Is considered to be Non-RP can be found in the server rules.

Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information to another player OOC with the knowledge that sharing that information could impact the decisions or actions taken in future roleplay scenarios.

Combat Logging:
Combat Logging is when a player ungracefully exits the game either using ALT+F4, F1 or /Q to shut down the game process to avoid defeat, destruction or damage. If you happen to crash whilst you are involved in a roleplay scenario you should make an attempt to reach out to the players that you were roleplaying with and if you can, gather evidence of the issues that you are encountering that are preventing you from returning. We have a discord channel called 'Crash Reports' where players can announce when they have encountered a crash.

We hope this guide helps and we hope to see you in-game!

If you have any questions that were not answered in this guide, please open a discord ticket and a member of staff will help assist you!
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