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💵 Monthly Hosting

💵 Monthly Hosting

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Obviously the server hasn't launched just yet, however that doesn't mean the server is running free of charge (It's not cheap)..

Of course no one is forced to donate and we would much rather you guys save your money if you can't afford to donate, however all donations are greatly appreciated and will go towards future development & server hosting fees.

Hosting Fees

💿 Currently the Dedicated Server (Game Server) costs us $150 per Month.
💻 Currently the Web Server (All Eternal Websites) costs us $50 per Month.

💵 Eternal Credits 💵
Your donation will be transferred to store credits, meaning if you donate $10 you'll be granted 1000 Eternal credits upon launch.

We'd like to thank everyone in advance that helps support Eternals Hosting Fees, without you guys we wouldn't be where we are today and wouldn't be able to continue development.


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Jun 30, 2021


  1. 30 Days Server Host
    $150.00 of $150.00 - reached!
    This goal will grant 30 days Dedicated Server Hosting.
  2. 30 Days Server + Web Host
    $0.00 of $0.00 - reached!
    This goal will grant 30 days Web Hosting + Dedicated Server Hosting for the entire Eternal Community.
  3. Campaign goal
    $200.00 of $200.00 - reached!

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