EternalRage is an English Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying community, with new players joining every day!

Trustworthy Administration

EternalRage provides players with a community environment that they can trust and a staff team that interacts with players.

Community Suggestions

EternalRage Roleplay will give you the features you want in a GTA V Roleplay community. Not only do we roll out regular polls, we also implement good player suggestions! Creating an environment you want to stay in.

Gang Activities

Become a gang member and work your way up to becoming one of the most well known gangs in the city. Take part in store robberies, drug & weapon trafficking, street racing and more!

Factions and Groups

If running an illegal enterprise isn't for you, you can become a legal representative of Los Santos by joining one of our Official Factions!

Citizen of Los Santos

If you prefer more of a relaxed and social lifestyle, simply chose the life of a citizen in Los Santos! With a variety of small jobs around the city, there's always opportunities to make a little money!